Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year To All...!!

Hello and Happy New Year to friends and Marsha Hunt Fans far and wide..!!

 Well, I've said it before but it's true.  It DOES take a village to produce a documentary!  I am most grateful to fellow producers Joan and Richard for their tenacity and passion for this project that is so near and dear to all of us.  And we'd be lost without our wonderful crew: - Director of Photography, Stephon Litwinczuk , our sound man, Andrew Zutto as well as P.A. David Guerrero.  Special thanks to our NYC crews, DP  Jonathan Weaver and Thomas Myers on sound ( Belafonte shoot) and DP Neil Smith and Mark Hoppe on sound for the Anne Meara/Victor Navasky NY shoot..  Thanks also to my friend Michael Graham who filmed Marsha's 90th birthday party in Beverly Hills..  We cant forget our original DP's- Cat & Kelly, we are also most grateful for your hard work.. It was because of you and our incredible editor Adam Severin that we were able to produce our 16 minute "snapshot" of Marsha that so many people have enjoyed thusfar..

As we head towards 2011, I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you that have supported our project.  While  donations are always appreciated, your kind words and notes have gone a long way in keeping me inspired and helping to build my confidence.. My computer is surrounded by  notes and emails of encouragement from many across the country. Tthis means the WORLD to me..THANK YOU!!
Because of all of you, we were able to finance the filming of our project.  Thank you for supporting our fundraisers the past few years. And a BIG thanks to all the organizations that participated in all of our fundraisers, especially the very special "activist" tribute to Marsha this past November. I KNOW it is a day Marsha will NEVER forget. Thanks again  to everyone who participated!! I'm sorry that I haven't been more proactive in thanking everyone individually.  I got tied up with my day job- please forgive me..

 There would not be a documentary if Marsha had not agreed to allow us to probe and dig into her long and lively past.  I know that Marsha is a most private person and we am honored that she has agreed to let us share her AMAZING  story with the world.  Thank you  Marsha.  Get over your cold, we have work to do in the new year!!

Many of you may not know that Marsha was recently honored in New York City by the organization New York Women in Film and Television.  What an event!!  About 1000 women were in the ballroom  at the New York Hilton to hear Marsha speak.  I imagine many in the crowd had no idea who she was but, after she spoke, they didnt care.  They LOVED her!  She touched a chord with the audience - and she was ambushed with new "fans" who lined up to take her picture and say hello..  We had a great trip... I was so pleased to have had the opportunity to interview Victor Navasky and Anne Meara..And thanks again to "The Nation" Magazine for allowing us to use their offices for our shoot. Here's a you tube audio clip of an interview with Marsha at the MUSE Awards in NYC on December 8th..

As we move forward in to the new year, my goal for this project is to continue to let the WORLD know that we are producing this documentary on one of Hollywood's first celebrity activists.  I'd LOVE to see more articles written about the project and Marsha as an actress and activist.  It broke my heart that I couldn't get any local papers to do a cover story about Marsha as she was the ONLY actor that  the Turner series "Moguls and Movies" interviewed for the series.  I could use help finding  radio, print and media outlets from all over the world to help get our story out there. The more publicity Marsha and our project gets, the more chance that we will "bump" into someone that has funds to help us complete our project.

 Please. Please , Please, everyone if you would, pass this blog on to friends, family, journalists AROUND THE WORLD.. I want everything to move faster..More Publicity = More Awareness =More Money!!.  Please fell free to email me with thoughts of possible venues for interviews, articles, grants for filming, ideas of people who may want to donate, etc. Through our affiliation with the International Documentary Association, let people know that they can make a tax deductible donation for the film. Here' a link to donation page...

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  Marsha means the world to me. She DESERVES to have her moment in the sun..Thanks to all of you, I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN VERY SOON!

I wish ALL of you a happy, healthy, prosperous and creative New Year!
Take care,